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Data Imports and Conversions

Data import and convertions

Many growing pet care businesses share a common dilemma: their valuable organization assets and customer's data are often trapped in software that doesn't meet their needs. Maximizing your productivity depends on uniting your data with the right software solution. To help you with that process, K9 Bytes® Software offers a painless and fast solution for you. We can extract data from your current system, structure data in a coherent hierarchy, and import data into our products.


We’ve worked extensively with most pet care software packages available in the market, as well as in-house software tools. As a result, we can quickly understand your specific data requirements, map them to your existing data sources, and unite your data using our powerful data import methods. Our team can also convert many of your manual files if properly formatted from applications like Microsoft's Excel.

What kind of data can we import?

The kind of data that can be imported depends on your current system. Our data import specialists are typically able to transfer customers, pets, reservations, and retail inventory. To save you the time and effort of retyping we offer the following data import and conversion services:


Bullet From most pet care software managements currently in the market

Bullet From in-house databases or software tools

Bullet From semi-manual systems organized in Microsoft's Excel files


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